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Common questions:

Should I buy an Extended Service Contract? Can I buy it later?

Answer: It depends; does the original warranty match up with your driving habits? How extensive is the coverage? Is the price or payment affordable? Does it make logical sense? An extended service contract or “warranty” some may call it, is always recommended in the event the urgency meets the affordability. We’re dedicated to show you custom options that only meet your needs and affordability.

You may be able to buy an extended warranty later, but not under the same terms you could right now. The ratings on extended warranties are very sensitive; the prices fluctuate aggressively depending on miles, year, and accumulation of current repair data. Most of our happiest guests are ones that take advantage of the lowest prices and payment flexibility at time of vehicle pickup.

What is Gap? Do I need it?

Answer: In the event something happens to your vehicle and the insurance company claims it as a total loss, Gap Insurance will pay off the difference between what your Insurance Company pays out and what you owe the bank, including your deductible. The difference in most cases is thousands of dollars. Gap, is one of the most affordable ways you can protect yourself and your loan. Gap is typically not recommended if you have very substantial cash down payment or trade equity or you are entering into a very short-term loan agreement. Standard and long-term loans typically have slower equity acceleration and make for more Gap sensitive loans. Gap is recommended more times than not, especially on loans that do not bear a great equity position starting out.

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